Since its inception in 2005, New Line Security has earned widespread acclaim as L.A.’s premier private security service. We specialize in private security for individuals, families, and businesses. Employing the latest, cutting-edge technology and an army of highly experienced professionals, New Line Security continues to raise the bar in the security service field.


The CEO of New Line Security brings to the table nearly 16 years of hands-on experience in strategic planning, team management, and a number of other vital aspects of the private security industry. His leadership and expertise has translated into a rigorous training program for all of our employees, and a constantly evolving series of security service options for our clients.

Indeed, one vital feature of New Line Security’s approach is also what distinguishes it from so many of its competitors: we strongly believe that any successful security service must be capable of adapting quickly to the unique needs and preferences of its client base. The potential threats we address are asymmetric in nature, and we must respond in kind to secure the lives and livelihoods of our precious clients. That kind of flexibility requires a deep and comprehensive base of knowledge on security service best practices, but also an acute situational awareness, in-depth risk assessment skills, and an ability to modify tactics and personnel on the fly.

To learn more about the specific security services available from the specialists at New Line Security, feel free to contact us directly. We pride ourselves on prompt and courteous customer service. The sooner you sit down with our professional team, the sooner we can develop a tailor-made security service plan for you.


Services we provide:

  • Armed Security Guards
  • Unarmed Security Guards
  • Uniformed Officers
  • Plain Clothes Officers
  • Corporate Security
  • Security Patrol Services
  • Executive Protection
  • Commercial Security
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Office Building Security
  • Internal Theft
  • Loss Prevention Services
  • Security Consultations
  • On Location Security
  • Airport Security
  • Government Facilities Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Movie Set Security
  • TV Commercial Filming Security
  • Special Events Security
  • Concerts Security
  • Government Functions Security
  • Political Events Security
  • Sale Events Security
  • Sporting Events Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Hotel Security
  • Gated Community Security

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