Our ApproachAt the heart of New Line Security’s approach to private security is the convergence of three vital elements: a corps of highly trained and experienced personnel, the complete immersion of cutting-edge technology into our best practices, and a corporate philosophy dedicated to the safety, comfort, and privacy of our clients. Because of its strict adherence to this approach, the leadership team at New Line Security has led the company on a meteoric rise through the ranks of California’s top private security firms.



Elite Personnel: The Backbone of New Line Security

The men and women who make up the team of security specialists at this firm represent the pinnacle of training and experience in the private security industry. They are trained not only in the principal areas of protection – from physical to technical security – but also in the highest possible quality customer service. New Line Security personnel may be stationed at your home or place of business, and thus it is absolutely necessary that they display a temperament and style that creates an atmosphere of conviviality and trust.

Innovative Technology to Reinforce Existing Security

Advanced technology cannot replace human security, but it can serve as a powerful force multiplier. The experts in communications and counter-surveillance technology at New Line Security have taken great strides in seamlessly incorporating the latest and most effective technology into the firm’s security procedures.

The Four C’s: Commitment to Client Comfort and Confidentiality

When you choose New Line Security, you are in some ways inviting us into your private world. In many cases, this is necessary, because the more we can integrate ourselves into certain areas of your life, the more effectively we can do our jobs. But with that must also come the promise of continued privacy. New Line Security endeavors to minimize any disturbance to your lives, and to uphold the highest standards for discretion.

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