Security ManagementUpward mobility in the management team at New Line Security is based on a structure that rewards excellence and encourages skill specialization.
Every officer in a leadership position at New Line Security is at the top of their respective field.

Our CEO’s background and expertise embodies the high watermark that all New Line Security officers strive for.
Before founding New Line Security in 2005, our CEO was responsible for managing one of the top ranked private security firms in Los Angeles.

During his successful tenure as Operation Director at this company, he was responsible for Strategic Planning, Team Management, Payments, Property, Strategic Sourcing and a number of other shared services.

His almost two decades of experience in the security industry has garnered him a diverse and multi-faceted résumé. Today, he is in charge of the New Line Security group’s Leadership, Risk Management, and Mergers & Acquisitions.

The management team at New Line Security has coalesced around one fundamental philosophical belief: our clients deserve better. It’s not enough to offer the very best in protection and safety. The privacy and comfort of our clients is also paramount.

From management on down to the very bottom of our corporate ladder, New Line Security’s training prioritizes the confidentiality of its clients’ personal and commercial information. That dedication to discretion has earned us plaudits not just from our repeat customers, but also from our peers in the private security field.

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